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Whichever way you look at it, life can be harsh and for some, just getting through the week can be a tough and frightening experience. However, as we all know pawnbrokers in times of trouble will join together to help those in need get back on their feet.
But what if you are an individual who is ill or simply struggling to afford a new cooker? Well there is help available from the Pawnbrokers Charitable Institution.
Help with money towards essentials for applicants who will have worked within the pawnbroking business for at least five years.
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Find out about our history and source of funding thats been assisting pawnbrokers for nearly 200 years.
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How we can help
The PCI provides grants to pawnbrokers in need who have been in the business for at least five years and their dependents. Help is primarily given to people over 60 years of age, but assistance may also be available to younger people if there is sufficient need.